My motto, one of many to be honest, is: "you can't get lost if you don't know where you're going." Though definitely a nod to my lack of internal GPS skills, this made up adage lends more to my deep desire to be a 'yes woman.' I'd prefer to take the scenic route, whether purposeful or chance. I'd rather try a new restaurant than become a regular. And I want to allow these itchy feet to roam, near or far, to meet and chat with as many people as humanly comfortable. I believe life can be as exotic as you want to make it, and sharing the stories I collect along the way fills my soul.


As the daughter of an English teacher, words, books, and the reality of fairytales swirled my imagination into fits, sometimes of the hissy variation, of magical lands and vibrant pictures. What captured my mind weren't the white horses or prince charmings, but the idea of life. Inanimate objects could talk in children's books, dogs went to heaven and a brighter existence was just over the rainbow. And if all else fails, choreographed song and dance was always just one dramatic conversation away.


Words have offered an escape from the mundane and opened an existence beyond the confines of suburbia, teenage angst, and fake-it-till-you-make-it adulting.



Professionally, this passion of mine manifests in digital strategy, ideating creative expressions of brand voice and personality and article writing and editing. I currently manage up to a dozen contributors to Perfect Bar's blog, The Hive; in addition to managing the yearly editorial calendar, copywriting all website updates + email marketing campaigns and strategizing brand positioning and messaging.


I live and love in San Diego, CA. with my husband and many plant babies.